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MahJong Lite for iPhones

Start your new adventure, solving puzzles with gradually increasing complexity. On your way you expect the mysterious pyramids and altars. At the end of the path awaits the Temple with an increased level of difficulty. But to get to it, you’ll need to overcome guarding the Pyramid, you will require persistence and patience. Good luck in your adventures, you’ll need it!

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Mahjong for Android – Update 10.0.12 is coming


Today SillyTale is proud to inform all Android users of Mahjong Dynasty that a new update of the game is ready for release.

  • We completely changed the graphics of the game to support high screen resolutions.
  • The menu button now turns off the sound in the game completely. Then you can enjoy your favorite music and play the muted game.
  • Gestures. Swipe to right shows the available pairs. Swipe to left makes last undo.

We hope you will enjoy the game, now and on the tablets.

Fallout Shelter. Surviving a deathclaw attack


  • Two defenders per room
  • Max level dwellers
  • Max level guns
  • Different levels living rooms (pos.2,3,4), same gender dwellers