MahJong HD 2.1. Duel is back!

Now you do not have to wait on the Duel screen when it connects. Queue up and continue to solve mahjong until the system picks up your opponent. As soon as one is found you will be invited to the game.

Dedicated Skyrim. 7 thousand steps layout

MahJong HD 2.0. Where the duel?

With the iOS6 we got a problem. Two users with different versions of the operating system wan’t start the match on their iPads. The connection is established, but with some changes in iOS6 users could not get the data to start a duel.
We could not release our game with such defects and decided to temporarily disable the duel to determine the cause. Maybe we can’t do anything before the update iOS, where the problem must be resolved. But if the only reason on our side, we will immediately release the update. Stay tuned!

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prMac: SillyTale MahJong – Stacked Tiles

Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation – Silly Tale Studio today is pleased to introduce SillyTale MahJong 1.0 for iOS, their new single-player MahJong, which offers the maximum complexity of the solitaire version of the game as originally created by Brodie Lockard in 1981. Featuring authentic, 3D, Chinese playing tiles and restful music, the game uses the standard, MahJong set of 144 stones or tiles. The goal is to clear the board by removing all the tiles from one of many layouts, which differ in pattern, size, and height. Tiles can only be removed two at a time, they must be identical matches, and they must be “free” (capable of sliding right or left, and without any tiles covering them).

Unlike other single-player MahJong games, this one includes unprecedented ergonomics, levels of difficulty, gameplay action, photo-realistic tiles, and optional hints. The innovative design features of SillyTale MahJong for iOS allow users to enjoy gameplay on any iDevice, including the iPhone. In order to arrange a large number of tiles so that they can be easily read by the player, the developers have temporarily hidden all of the interface elements, such as buttons and indicators. In addition, the game incorporates smooth, high-magnification pinch gestures to quickly zoom in and out.

SillyTale MahJong for iPhone

Just Released!

Start your new adventure, solving puzzles with gradually increasing complexity. On your way you expect the mysterious pyramids and altars. At the end of the path awaits the Temple with an increased level of difficulty. But to get to it, you’ll need to overcome guarding the Pyramid, you will require persistence and patience. Good luck in your adventures, you’ll need it!

The objective of this game is to try to reproduce the maximum complexity of the real solitaire originally created by Brodie Lockard. Only in this way the real winners may get to the top of the best.

However, the game has a more gentle mode: a hint with timeout and shuffle to help players don’t get stuck in the game. A elegant graphics and music with traditionalChinese motifs can help to dissolve in the game, calmly and confidently move forward to solve the next puzzle.


-Favorite layout the Turtle and more
-Hard classic game
-Increasing levels of difficulty
-Pinch-to-Zoom the layout view
-Increased field of view
-Hidden control panel
-Hint and Undo
-Music and sound control
-Saving when exit and goes to background
-Unique scoring