Version 1.3: Multilpayer


– Now with this Big Update you can play together through the Game Center. Invite your friends, throw a challenge, start a duel, earn levels. The fastest wins!

Game rules are simple: Two players have to solve the same layout. Tiles must be removed by the usual rules of the game. Player wins, who plays faster. The slider at the top shows on whose side the advantage at this point in the match.
To start the game you need to connect to the Game Center. Click on “Play.”

The button “Play now” will be available on the pop-up screen if connection with the Game Center is set. When you click on it the system will pick up your opponent. Be prepared – the duel begins immediately after the onset of the enemy in the game. The name of the enemy appears in the right corner of the screen.
Invite your friends to fight with you in a duel. Good luck!